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Hi There,

if you are here, you are probably curious about Creative Roots Foundation and what we are doing. Pull up a comfy chair and your favorite beverage (I’ve got coffee) and check out the areas that we are delving into. You probably saw “ART – GENEALOGY -MUSIC – POETRY – WRITING mentioned in the tagline on the Home Page. And you might be wondering how all of that fits together. The short answer is that all creative pursuits have some things in common.

You might need to learn a special skill set, or special tools to pursue your creative project. And sometimes you will need a sounding board, some guidance, and some advice from those who may have gone down that path before you. (And this has nothing to do with age. Just experience.)

We are all about opening avenues of exploration, within the framework of connecting you with the right course, webinar, panel discussion, youtube video, personal mentor, podcasts or conference to help you along your path. We will be creating programs and events that give you prompts, inspiration, and access to the wisdom of experience.

We are also about removing obstacles – for example, you’ll find some great information on overcoming “Imposter Syndrome”, and how to combat the negative voices that seem to talk you out of pursuing your creative dreams.

We hope you’ll stay tuned, and maybe even participate – when you are ready.

Until then, watch for the announcement for the April National Poetry Month event – right here, and on our Events Page and on our Facebook Page.




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