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A huge shoutout and THANK YOU to our friend, and CRF Board Member, Sandy Lynn Helm Moffett for her gift of creativity. Sandy made our logo using wood, glass, and resin, and brought it to me over the weekend.
Zoom in to see the glass art in the middle.

The beautiful glass and resin rendition of the Creative Roots Foundation logo was made by Sandy Moffett – friend, benefactor, gifted writer, singer, and member of our Board of Directors. Sandy is pictured above, with Joan Raymond – one of the founders of Creative Roots Foundation. She presented it to Joan this past weekend.

I think their smiles are as beautiful as the work of art that Sandy is presenting Joan with – don’t you? I can certainly feel the love!

This is what Creative Roots Foundation strives to bring into the world. Encouragement, inspiration, and nurturing anyone and everyone who is trying to bring more art into the world. The words “regardless of income or means” respects that individuals may be pursuing their passions without the resources that many others might take for granted. And so this organization intends to open doors, offer options, and share as much as we can – because the next Picasso (artist) or Gaiman (writer) or Catlett (sculptor) might get just the right nudge at just the right time, to bloom. Which is why activities such as webinars, and workshops will always have a “pay what you can” option – even if what you can afford is zero.

If you believe that there should be more love, more art, more crafts, more creativity in the world Рjoin us! Share our Facebook Group with your friends and family who have creative aspirations and those who are already achieving their creative dreams! Our Facebook group can be found at: where we post daily inspiration in a number of areas. And we encourage all members to share their thoughts, projects, and questions.

May be a graphic of text

We hope to see you there! The more, the merrier!


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